Mobile Outreach Clinic Awarded the CTG Grant

On June 16, 2014 the Mobile Outreach Clinic received notice that they had been selected to receive funding from the Florida Department of Health’s, Office of Minority Health Closing the Gap grant.  MOC was one of 16 programs in the state to be awarded funding from this grant.  This funds from this grant are awarded for one year, and there is a possibility that it can be renewed.  Upon its loss of funding from the County CHOICES program, the clinic was in danger of having to reduce or stop providing services. The grant from the DOH, will allow the clinic to continue its mission of providing a hands on learning experience for students while assisting the community to gain access to health care.

Projects funded through the Closing the Gap (CTG) grant program help stimulate broad-based participation and the support of both public and private entities by:

  • Fostering partnerships between local governments, community groups and private sector health care organizations;
  • Helping communities address their most pressing health needs through targeted health screenings, education and awareness programs; and
  • Helping communities better understand the nature of health disparities among ethnic and racial groups.

Primary benefits to the state from the Closing the Gap Act include:

  • Meaningful improvements in the lives of Floridians who now suffer disproportionately from disease and disability; and
  • Development of tools and strategies that will enable Florida to eliminate health disparities.

Priority Areas

  • Cancer
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Diabetes
  • Adult and Child Immunizations
  • Maternal and Infant Mortality
  • Oral Healthcare