Surplus Centers

Published: September 23rd, 2015

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Surplus Centers are market places where items that are used, or purchased but unused, and no longer needed are auctioned at a reduced price. Utilizing surplus centers is a great way for non-profits to acquire physical resources they need to get started.

Below are links to Surplus Center websites that provide online auctions.

University Surplus Programs


Johns Hopkins Supply Chain

Colorado state University

Cornell University

Florida State University,fl/list/current?orgid=12575

Many Universities use the website : Public Surplus to power their online auctions.
Google your nearest University to find out more


Government Surplus Programs

GSA auctions —- a Federal Surplus Program.

Gov —– Furniture and monitors starting at 5$

GovDeals—- state governments auction their surplus here.

NC State Surplus Property —– online auctions of properties in North Carolina

State of Minnesota Department of Administration Surplus Services  —- online auctions of properties in Minnesota

Government Liquidation — a military surplus auctioning website

Civilian run Surplus Programs

Free cycle has surplus centers all over US, use its search engine to find your local free cycle.

Public Surplus —- Public and private entities auction their items on this website. —– a very large surplus auctioning website providing online auctions.