Check Out Yunfai’s Blog!

Yunfai Ng, one of our former Volunteer Coordinators, has taken on a project with Mama Hope, an international development program. Several months ago, she was accepted into their Global Advocate Program, and has partnered with visionary leaders of the Desai Foundation to build upon community-driven, sustainable health education projects that will improve the lives of woman and children in Gujarat, India. She committed to raising $20,000 on behalf of the Desai Foundation to support the creation of a Mobile Health Education Program for Shantaben Vidhybhavan, an education center for the community of 40,000 people in the surrounding villages of South Gujarat. This mobile model will work at the grassroots level, reaching communities who do not have access to quality health and hygiene education.

In September, Yunfai traveled to the Gujarat village of Undti, where the education center is located, to live and work alongside dedicated and motivated local leaders to make their dream of a “school/clinic on wheels” a reality. During her 3 months in-country, she oversees the project’s implementation, documenting the progress of the program objectives, and broadcasts this life-changing experience to us all through her blog. Yunfai has kindly given the Mobile Clinic multiple shout-outs in the blog and we wanted to return the favor, highlighting her progress here on our site.

If you would like to donate to this amazing cause, go to