BestYou Shines at PCI Conference

On Friday, March 8th, medical director Dr. Grant Harrell and Social Services Coordinator Liz Leja presented at the annual Primary Care Innovations Conference in Gainesville, Florida. The conference was held in the Harrell Medical Education building on the UF campus and brought together over 100 health professionals to discuss ways in which we can improve and innovate the field of primary care.

It’s a special thing when you are able to dedicate all of this time and effort into a program that makes a difference for so many individuals.

Dr. Harrell and Ms. Leja had the opportunity to discuss the Mobile Outreach Clinic’s community-grown Chronic Disease Self- Management Program, BESTYou, in a presentation titled: BESTYou: Tailoring a Chronic Disease Self-Management Program to Your Community. They were able to highlight the content and delivery of BESTYou in addition to the challenges and benefits that coincide with in-home health education. Both Dr. Harrell and Ms. Leja received excellent feedback on their presentation.

If you are interested in learning more about the presentation or the BESTYou program, you can do so by visiting the program’s website. Additionally, interested individuals are welcome to contact the Mobile Outreach Clinic.