MOC Gives Tour to Major Supporter, Alpha Epsilon Delta

On Thursday, March 15th, Sherice Stewart, Jorge Herrera, and several Care Coordinators gave a presentation and a tour of the Mobile Outreach Clinic bus to the University of Florida’s Pre-Health Honor Society, Alpha Epsilon Delta. Alpha Epsilon Delta has been a major contributor to the Mobile Outreach Clinic, both financially and through their volunteer work. Many of the clinic’s Care Coordinators are active members of Alpha Epsilon Delta and spend their time outside of clinic volunteering with many different organizations around Gainesville.

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It’s really rewarding to get to see the fruits of our labor. We fundraise every Spring for the Mobile Outreach Clinic and the Climb for Cancer Foundation and we are very blessed to have the opportunity to see what our hard work can accomplish. It all goes back to making a positive impact on the Gainesville and Alachua community we hold so close.

-Andrew Rennick, Alpha Epsilon Delta President

Alpha Epsilon Delta consists of passionate and dedicated students, many of whom are active with the Mobile Outreach Clinic. Each Spring semester, the organization dedicates half of its fundraising funds to the Mobile Outreach Clinic. These large donations continue to be great contributions to the clinic, including benefiting its bus, which was newly renovated in September of 2017.


You hear a lot about what your money is going to, but to actually see it means a lot. We always hear about all of the good that MOC does in the community and are so proud to be a part of its growth!

-Jenny, Alpha Epsilon Delta Member

Students from the Pre-Health Honor Society were given a tour of the bus while guided by current Care Coordinators. These Care Coordinators explained the clinic flow and the purpose of each of the stations of the bus. Additionally, all of these Care Coordinators are active members of the Honor Society and contribute to their community outside of the Mobile Outreach Clinic as well.