Care Coordinator Presents Research about ED Utilizers and Mobile Health Clinic Population

One of our Care Coordinators, Sarah Fleischman, presented her research about the Characteristics of Emergency Department (ED) Super Utilizers in a Mobile Clinic Population at UF’s Public Health and Health Professions Research Day. Super Utilizers are defined as those who visit the ED an average of 4 times every year, which causes ED congestion. Many of these people need primary care, so the use of mobile health clinics like ours makes sure that Super Utilizers can get the care they need without delaying care time for patients who need more critical care at the ED. Sarah’s research focused primarily on finding the characteristics of these Super Utilizers (SU) and the results indicated that they have many barriers to care, such as access, employment, and insurance status. The social determinants of health such as household income, employment, race, affect the overall delivery of how health care is utilized and accessed. 

Sarah recently graduated from UF and she was a part of the Public Health and Health Professions Honors Program. As of this summer, she has been with our program for 10 semesters and is currently our Quality Improvement Chair!

ED Utilizers and MHC Research