Lead Coordinator presents about MOC’s Mobile Ultrasound Clinic (MUC)

This past weekend, Lydia Poon, a Lead Coordinator at our clinic, presented research about the outcomes of the ultrasound clinic that we recently implemented. She presented the project entitled, “Ultrasounds for the Medically Underserved: Outcomes of the UF Mobile Ultrasound Clinic and Opportunities for Greater Impact” at the Chapman Regional Conference of Florida Gold Humanism Honor Society Chapters in Orlando, FL. This conference brings student-run free clinic representatives from major Florida universities together and fosters discussions for improvement and exchange of ideas.

Poon learned how some of the other medical students at the conference address the different areas of patients’ social determinants of health in their respective clinics, one of which is through community engagement. They host a variety of family-oriented festive events, such as painting in the fall, Easter egg hunts, heart health themed Valentine’s Day, etc., to spread awareness about various health conditions and to foster a sense of togetherness within the community. She also met with a representative from the UF Arts in Medicine program who did a poster presentation in implementing arts at Grace Marketplace. Both of these are areas that MOC plans on exploring so that we can also implement programs like these for our patients.

Learn more about the UF Mobile Ultrasound Clinic (MUC): 

  • The UF Mobile Ultrasound Clinic (MUC) was established as a partnership between the Mobile Outreach Clinic (MOC) and Equal Access Clinic Network (EACN).
  • The MUC provides free diagnostic ultrasounds for the medically underserved in Alachua county.
  • MUC operates monthly from the MOC bus, with the capacity to see 7 patients per night, enabling ultrasounds to be performed in the most convenient locale for patients.
  • A Spanish interpreter, administrative Lead Care Coordinator, and Clinic Assistant provide on-site operational support; Ultrasound technicians, an attending radiologist, and residents aid with obtaining and interpreting images; Medical students are offered shadowing opportunities.
  • The clinic currently offers several types of ultrasounds: abdominal, endovaginal, kidney, pelvic, testicular, soft tissue, thyroid, and extremity with Doppler.
  • This innovative approach to providing ultrasound diagnostics reduces barriers impeding obtainment of needed diagnostic services, including transportation, language, and lost work hours.
  • Our innovation in access to ultrasound services provides accessible diagnostics to community members—including the uninsured, undocumented, and recently unemployed—who are unable to access these services due to ineligibility for alternative referral networks or individual coverage

The MOC and EAC Ultrasound Clinic partnership has been successfully implemented and provides an innovative solution to delivery of diagnostic ultrasounds in a mobile free-clinic setting. The MUC has completed a total of 76 ultrasounds since inception.

Congratulations to Lydia Poon for doing an amazing job conducting and presenting this research! Thank you to everyone who has helped to make this possible for our patients!

“Overall, it was a great experience! I learned a lot and met people who were just as passionate as us about serving the underserved and advocating for them. Grateful I got to be a part of it and represent UF and MOC.”


– Lydia Poon, Ultrasound Clinic Director, Lead Coordinator, and former Care Coordinator with MOC

Lydia Poon Lydia Poon