Volunteer Coordinator Wins Grant to Improve Prenatal Health Equity for Local Underserved Women

The Mobile Outreach Clinic’s Volunteer Coordinator, Abyson Kalladanthyil, recently won a grant as part of the Assembly for Action program to improve prenatal health equity for local underserved women. Low-income, undocumented, and uninsured or underinsured women are at higher risk for not being aware of the resources available to them in the community to aid them in their pregnancy. This results in poorly-monitored pregnancies that can place further medical, financial, and emotional burden on women and families.

Action Scholars Abyson Kalladanthyil, Karolyn Ranero, Idael Ortiz, and Shreya Shivan will implement their $2,500 grant-winning Action Plan with UF Mobile Outreach Clinic. These scholars aim to improve prenatal health equity for local underserved women by providing them with prenatal vitamins and pregnancy-related lab exams at no cost to the women. These Action Scholars hope to empower these women to advocate for their own health. Visit assemblyforaction.org/impact to read the full Action Plan.

Assembly for Action is a program that educates students at the University of Florida to become leaders within their communities in order to link student involvement with the needs of non-profits in Gainesville. Congratulations to our Action Scholar, Abyson Kalladanthyil!