MOC presents at 2020 Primary Care Innovations Conference

On March 6, 2020, Mobile Outreach Clinic was well-represented at the 2020 Primary Care Innovations Conference. This conference fosters a collaborative space for health care professionals to share their current innovative practices and learn about other member’s ideas.

Mobile Outreach Clinic staff, lead coordinators and care coordinators presented their research on student care coordination, a Spanish interpretation program, long-acting reversible contraception insertions, social media in healthcare, and a mobile ultrasound clinic to the primary care community. Congratulations to Michelle Nall, Kelly Likos, Isabel Walker, Anna Villagomez, Abyson Kalladanthyil, Annu Kurian and Lydia Poon for doing an amazing job conducting and presenting these projects. Thank you to everyone who has helped to make this possible for our patients!

Michelle Nall Isabel Walker Kelly Likos LARCKelly Likos, Michelle Nall, Isabel Walker

Kelly Likos

Kelly Abyson

Kelly Likos and Abyson Kalladanthyil

Anna Abyson

Abyson Kalladanthyil and Anna Villagomez

Annu Kurian

Annu Kurian

Lydia Poon

Sum Chi Lydia Poon