We provide healthcare at no charge, but not at no cost.

We provide healthcare at no charge, but not at no cost.

MOC patients spend time and resources getting to and from the clinic.
Our doctors and nurses spend time listening beyond symptoms to understand the cause of their patient’s conditions.
Care Coordinators spend time linking patients to community resources.
MOC’s pharmacists spend time educating patients about medications and lifestyle changes to help manage their chronic diseases.
Not to mention the cost of operations, equipment, over the counter and prescription drugs, lab tests, and more!
Though MOC utilizes volunteers and keeps costs to a minimum, there is a financial cost for the services MOC provides.

It’s true – nothing in life is free… the average patient visit costs MOC $64.

Your donation will enable us to continue to provide care at no charge to the patient.


What Does Supporting MOC Mean?

$25 means someone with asthma or emphysema receives an inhaler that could save their life.
$40 means a woman who wants to avoid pregnancy can receive a contraceptive injection lasting 90 days.
$75 means a person can receive lab testing to manage diabetes.


There are things you cannot put a price tag on…

To Sabrina, supporting MOC means evaluation of a thyroid nodule and the peace of mind that comes with learning that it was not cancerous.
To Ms. B, supporting MOC means an intrauterine device that helps HER decide when is the right time to start a family.
To Leire, supporting MOC means avoiding another costly emergency room bill.
$150 means 3 people can receive screening for colon cancer.
$300 means 10 women can receive preventive cervical cancer screenings.
It means our next generation of medical professionals learn respectful, compassionate medical care of the underserved.
It means prevention of diseases through health education and wellness programs.
It means flexible, low-barrier care that we bring directly to the neighborhoods with greatest need.


Can you support MOC?

We’d love you to join during the week of November 16th, as we share stories of compassion, generosity, and selflessness from our providers, patients, and supporters through a series of videos on our website and Facebook pages. It will culminate on Friday, November 20th for our second annual Grassroots Gala when we recognize those who renew hope in our community and graciously use their talents and resources to benefit those in need. If you know someone who serves the Gainesville community, please nominate them here.

Register to attend our second annual Grassroots Gala here. Please consider donating your ticket price of $125. You may also contribute by making a one-time or recurring gift to our foundation account.



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Thank you for supporting MOC!