Calling Care Coordinators!

Are you an undergraduate (or former student in a gap year) or graduate student who is interested in helping to tackle health disparities in Alachua County?

MOC Summer 2022 CC Apps - Initial Flyer

Then this position is for you! Apply to become a volunteer Care Coordinator with the Mobile Outreach Clinic. The roles of a Care Coordinator for this upcoming semester will be mainly based around telecare. You will be expected to be present for two 2-hour shifts per week, where you will call and follow up with patients, addressing their social determinants of health and providing community resources.

The Summer 2022 Care Coordination Application can be found HERE!

MOC is an unparalleled medical experience for anyone interested in becoming a healthcare professional. There are vast opportunities in this organization, including potential leadership, as well as awesome opportunities to network with current healthcare professionals.

We will also be having an Interest Event on Tuesday, February 22, 2022 at Blaze on Archer Road from 6 PM- 9PM for any interested volunteers! This is a special event that allows interested applicants to come out to meet current Care Coordinators, learn more about this incredible program, and get application tips!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. I do not have any prior medical experience. Will this hurt my application? Absolutely not. Strong applicants demonstrate that they are responsible leaders in or outside of the healthcare setting. We are interested in those who have a clear passion or drive for improving social justice and health equity. We value applicants who have gone above and beyond their responsibilities to serve others in their communities and are able to reflect on how they can apply those skills to care coordination. We are looking for applicants who will be able to work with patients in a professional, respectful, and nonjudgemental manner. In light of the Covid pandemic, we expect that applicants are also able to work well with technology and maintain a positive attitude.
  2. I am graduating from UF this semester. Can I volunteer with MOC during my gap/growth year? Absolutely, as long as you are staying in Gainesville! MOC also accepts graduate students into our program as well.
  3. Can I volunteer as a Care Coordinator from home? No. Newly accepted CCs will be expected to work in the MOC office which is located on the UF campus during the first semester.
  4. How many hours will I be expected to volunteer a week as a Care Coordinator? First-semester CCs must be able to volunteer for two 2-hour office shifts a week (4 hours total) with very few exceptions for absences. Failure to attend these shifts will result in a strike. MOC operates on a 3 strike policy.
  5. As a Care Coordinator, would I be volunteering in the clinic with patients? Due to the current Covid pandemic, first-semester CCs will not be working in the clinic and only have two 2-hour office shifts. At the end of their first semester, all new CCs will be assessed on their performance, and eligibility to volunteer in the clinic will depend on this evaluation.
  6. Who should write my letter of recommendation and where is it submitted? A letter of recommendation should be written by a professional contact who can attest to your character, strengths, work ethic, and motivation. This could be a supervisor (e.g. work manager, volunteer supervisor) or an academic contact (e.g. class professor, research PI, physician). They should NOT be written by a family member, friend, or coworker. This LOR must be submitted to by the person who is providing the recommendation by Saturday 3/12/2022 by 11:59 PM. Your recommender’s email subject line must read “Summer 2022 CC Application LOR First Name Last Name” The letter of recommendation may be written in the body of the email and does NOT need to be written on a formal letterhead. But, if your writer prefers to attach the letter by PDF or Word document, we ask that your recommender name the file “Summer 2022 CC Application LOR_First Name Last Name” Example: Summer 2022 CC Application LOR_Albert Gator.pdf

If you have any additional questions, please email our Applications Chair, Tamim Kawakibi at with any questions or concerns regarding the application process.

Best of luck and we look forward to reviewing your applications!