The Mobile Outreach Clinic (MOC) celebrates the Graduating Students Volunteers – Class of 2024

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Congratulations to the brilliant 2024 graduates of MOC! 🎓 Your journey has been remarkable, and your future is even brighter.

With great joy, the Mobile Outreach Clinic extends its heartfelt congratulations to the 2024 MOC graduating volunteers. These exceptional students have dedicated their time and efforts as lead and care coordinators with the MOC, showcasing remarkable skills in ensuring the smooth operation of the clinic. Their commitment to compassionate care instills hope for the future of healthcare, as we anticipate these nurturing individuals to become outstanding health professionals. Their invaluable contributions have been noted, and they will always find a welcoming home within the MOC community.

As they embark on their future endeavors, we extend our best wishes and eagerly await the promising journeys ahead for these diligent students.

Sebastian William Tirado-Vélez (THREE YEARS WITH MOC – LC)

“Sharing these intimate moments where we are all focused on the same immediate goals has changed the trajectory of my life.”

Throughout my time serving with MOC I have had the opportunity to connect with the Gainesville community. Through our amazing care team, I have learned what it looks like to provide holistic and compassionate care for patients. Through our administration and staff, I have learned what it takes to enhance clinical operations while supporting the volunteers they work with. I have learned how the existing systems of healthcare in place fail to meet the needs of so many of our community members. And most importantly I have learned a beautiful array of ways to help those affected to be empowered in their healthcare journeys, in addition to how patient advocacy can entirely change an individual’s outcomes. I have learned what it means to represent a mission and organization to provide quality and culturally competent care to all. I have learned exactly what it means to be a good healthcare provider.

My best memory at MOC is collaborating with team members to support each other in navigating difficult situations. The essence of our organization lies in the moments when we come together to build plans that effectively help our patients navigate their social determinants of health. I have been particularly fortunate throughout my experience at MOC because I frequently have these experiences alongside the teams in the clinic and office. Sharing these intimate moments where we are all focused on the same immediate goals has changed the trajectory of my life.

I will be working part-time as a clinical researcher at the Normal Fixel Institute for Neurological Diseases as I apply to MD-PhD programs.

Melanie Gonzalez (TWO YEARS WITH MOC – CC)

“I have learned the privilege of listening to patient’s unique stories.”

MOC has taught me the core values of providing compassionate patient-centered care. I have learned the intricacies of serving as a patient’s advocate, strengthening my confidence in communication and leadership. I have learned the nuances of Spanish medical interpreting, the privilege of listening to patient’s unique stories, and the art of collaborating with amazing MOC faculty to care for our patients.

My favorite memory is the MOC Prom!

I will be attending the University of Florida College of Medicine as a first-year medical student.

Isabel Armedilla (ONE YEAR WITH MOC – CC)

“I have had the privilege to be a part of someone’s day every week.”


Throughout my time with the Mobile Outreach Clinic, I have continually learned the power of connection and empathy to achieve progress toward health equity. I have had the privilege to be a part of someone’s day every week, listen to their concerns, and collaborate with them to improve their quality of life in ways that are meaningful to them. Advocacy is such an integral part of MOC, seen through everyone on the team I have met here and in the patients who are a part of the family through our services. I’m endlessly grateful to be a part of the everlasting impact that empowers people to take charge of their health here in Gainesville.

My favorite memories at MOC have to be sharing songs we like with the Friday morning clinic crew in our downtime!

I will be applying to MD programs in the next few years while I volunteer as a clinical research assistant and hopefully work in the health education field.

Lissette Martinez, LC & Language Access Chair

“Words cannot fully express the deep love and gratitude I feel toward MOC and this unforgettable team.”

My time in MOC has marked a transformative era in my life. I’ve been immensely honored and privileged to serve our community along with the most inspirational, remarkable, and driven team anyone could ever ask for. As a Care Coordinator, I learned the importance of being inquisitive, taking initiative, and connecting with patients through compassion and willingness to go the extra mile to make an impact.

As a Lead Coordinator, I discovered my leadership style, shared my knowledge with those around me, and remained committed to seeking more information to better advocate for our patients. Not only have I become hyper-aware of the role of Social Determinants of Health and their impact on a patient’s life, but I am now capable of constructing and executing plans to help them overcome such barriers.

My time at MOC has also allowed me to immerse myself in Women’s Health, which ignited a passion I never could have anticipated. In medicine, I see it as a fundamental right for every woman to not only have access to the contraception method of her choice but also to feel empowered in her decision-making process. It’s crucial that every question a woman has about her reproductive health is met with respect and answered thoroughly. The provider’s role is to serve the patient – they are the experts on their own body, and they should feel empowered and in control of their healthcare decisions. The impact of MOC on empowering the underserved population is beyond measure. Words cannot fully express the deep love and gratitude I feel toward MOC and this unforgettable team.

Having the opportunity to collaborate with my exceptional CCs and witnessing their development has been truly inspiring. Observing their progression as they become more confident in their positions, take the initiative, step out of their comfort zones, and advocate for patients has been immensely gratifying. They embody the qualities I would seek in a Care Coordinator as a patient myself.

I plan to continue working at the Mobile Outreach Clinic and attending Medical school.

Brianna Novillo, (3 Semesters with MOC – CC)

“This experience has reinforced the importance of addressing patients as a whole person.”

I have learned so much about how the healthcare system functions and how intertwined it is with education, housing, and so many other departments of society. This experience has reinforced the importance of addressing patients as a whole person, not only their medical ailments. Moreover, I have gotten to see how various professions in the medical field diagnose and treat patients from nurse practitioners to physician assistants to physicians, which has made me understand how healthcare systems truly work as a team. I know that these experiences will continue to be beneficial as I progress in my future career. I will truly miss MOC and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for the organization!

My best memory at MOC is during the huddle, where we played the game where the answer was a MOC member. It was really fun to see who the most mysterious MOC member is or everyone’s favorite CC (Eugene)!

I am applying to medical school this upcoming cycle. During my gap year, I will be continuing research and my job as a PCA at Shands.