The Mobile Outreach Clinic brings awareness to World NO Tobacco Day,  Friday, May 31

The Mobile Outreach Clinic has partnered with PromoteUP to provide resources to help patients quit smoking.

Sofia Anrecio, a research assistant at PromoteUP, has been collaborating with the MOC to help patients quit smoking through a comprehensive three-step program. She helps patients sign up on Tuesdays from 11 am to 3 pm at the Parkview Baptist Church. In an interview with Children Beyond Our Borders (CBOB), Anrecio highlighted the severe health risks associated with smoking, including heart attacks, asthma, brain damage, cancer, and tooth loss. In this interview, she focuses on how smoking affects Hispanic communities and the effects of smoking on children. Check out the podcast at Ep. 15 – Dejar de fumar: Respirar un futuro más sano con la Señorita Sofia Anrecio – YouTube.

Tobacco Free Florida offers robust support for those trying to quit, including a 24-hour Quit Line provided by the Alachua County Health Department, professional coaching, and a mobile app to assist in quitting. The benefits of quitting smoking are immediate and substantial, improving health outcomes almost instantly.

To learn more, please check out Tobacco Free Florida | Smoking Cessation Information & Programs and to learn more about PromoteUP please visit