The MOC highlights the OB-GYN Team

This month, we are excited to highlight our OB-GYN team. The MOC team and patients have been exceptionally fortunate to receive incredible support from UF Health OB-GYN clinicians, Heather Nations, PA, and Brad Bruggeman, MD, over the past several years. Their dedication and expertise have greatly enriched the care we have been able to provide to patients. Please see below for insights into their experiences with MOC. 


Heather Nations, PA

Heather Nations has been a steadfast volunteer with MOC, dedicating her administrative time to the care of MOC patients twice a month. Her journey with us began during her time as a PA student, and she returned after graduation to continue her service as a volunteer. She brings invaluable OB-GYN expertise to our patients, and we are deeply grateful for her ongoing support and teaching contributions! Please see below for a brief bio about Heather. 

“I first became aware of the MOC as a first year PA student. I was intrigued by the model and was lucky enough to be assigned there for one of my four-week clinical rotations in Primary Care as a second year. The experience was impactful and empowering. On my return to UF as a provider, I was excited to receive clearance from the Department of OB/GYN to use some of my designated administrative blocks to partner with MOC. I have also had the opportunity to participate in community health events and Project Continuity Clinics.  In the past two or so years, under the guidance of Michelle Nall and Dr. Bruggeman, we have seen a dynamic expansion of our Women’s Health services. I don’t think I’ve ever had a “bad” day as an MOC volunteer, despite many challenging situations. It’s where I go to get my cup filled. I couldn’t be more grateful to the whole team for the way they welcomed and embraced me. The Bus will always feel like home.” – Heather Nations, PA


Brad Bruggeman, MD

Dr. Brad Bruggeman helped establish the MOC Colposcopy clinic which offers free colposcopy screenings to women with abnormal pap smears who might otherwise lack access to this service. He dedicated a full year to mentoring Michelle Nall as she learned the colposcopy procedure and continues to volunteer his time at every MOC colposcopy clinic, even amid his administrative responsibilities. His commitment to expanding this essential service has been unwavering, and we express our deepest gratitude to him for sharing his time and expertise with us! Please see below for a brief bio about Dr. Bruggeman. 

“My name is Brad Bruggeman, MD, and I have been an obstetrician gynecologist and assistant professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at UF since 2019. Gainsville has been my home since I moved here for college, and I eagerly stayed for medical school and residency training. My clinical focus is in HPV-related cervical dysplasia including colposcopy and ​excisional treatment. It has been an honor to help expand the cervical cancer preventive care for women in our community in partnership with the MOC team. Aside from clinical medicine, my academic focus is in medical education, and I am the director of the medical student obstetrics and gynecology clerkship at UF. Outside of work, I am a runner and bicyclist with great enthusiasm but mediocre talent. My wife and I recently welcomed a second baby girl, who has made her 4-year-old sister a very grown up and proud big sibling.” – Brad Bruggeman, MD