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How Can You Show Your Support for MOC?

We get this question all the time!!  Here are some ways to show your support:


We need all types of volunteers: Doctors, Physician Assistants, Nurses and Behavioral & Allied Health professionals are always welcome. But there is a lot of administrative work that goes into running this program as well. Sometimes, we just need help keeping the supplies organized, websites update and educational materials categorized, printed and mailed. We need it all! So don’t be shy, reach out! We could use the help 🙂

Donate Funds

You can select to make a one time donation or donate on an ongoing basis. Visit our UF Foundation Page.

Donate Items

We appreciate the donation of items we use everyday at clinic; from trash bags and pens to band aids and speculums. Here is our Amazon Wish List so that you select items to purchase. Or if you have surplus, unexpired items to donate that match the list below, we will take those too!

 Cotton Balls
• Cotton Swabs
• Tongue Depressors
• Hand Sanitizer
• Latex Free Gloves
• Face masks with ear loops
• Scalpels
• Gauze
• Menstrual Pads
• Sutures
• Incision and Drainage Kits
• Histofreeze
• Bandaids
• Syringes (3cc, 10cc, 20cc)
• Alcohol Pads
• Hydrogen Peroxide
• Iodine Swabs
• Safety Lancets
• Table Paper
• Plain White Printer/Copier Paper
• Pens
• Scotch Tape
• Paper Clips
• Ziplock Brand resealable bags
• 13-gallon trash bags
• Patient Hospitality Items:
-Hot Cocoa (regular and sugar free)
-Instant Coffee
-Tea (variety packs)
-Sugar In the Raw

-Paper Towels/Napkins
-Coffee/Drink Stirrers• Cavi-Wipes
• Purell Hand Wipes
• Kleenex (Slim box)
• Hand Sanitizer
• Over-The-Counter (OTC) pain and allergy medication

Share Encouragement

Hey, sometimes, this work gets hard and a kind word can go a long way. Please feel free to share your comments below and we will share it with the entire team. Who doesn’t like to feel appreciated once in awhile?

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