Donate Items

Thank you for your interest in providing donated items to the Mobile Outreach Clinic at the University of Florida. We gratefully accept your donations, which are appropriately distributed to our patients. Listed below are a few common items that will assist us in our operations in Alachua County. We will only accept items in sealed, unused, and not previously opened packages.

What types of things do we need?

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• Cotton Balls
• Cotton Swabs
• Tongue Depressors
• Hand Sanitizer
• Latex Free Gloves
• Face masks with ear loops
• Scalpels
• Gauze
• Menstrual Pads
• Sutures
• Incision and Drainage Kits
• Histofreeze
• Bandaids
• Syringes (3cc, 10cc, 20cc)
• Alcohol Pads
• Hydrogen Peroxide
• Iodine Swabs
• Lancets
• Table Paper
• Plain White Printer/Copier Paper
• Pens
• Scotch Tape
• Paper Clips
• Ziplock Brand resealable bags
• 13-gallon trash bags
• Patient Hospitality Items:
-Hot Cocoa
-Instant Coffee
-Sugar In the Raw
-Paper Towels/Napkins
-Coffee/Drink Stirrers• Cavi-Wipes
• Purell Hand Wipes
• Kleenex (Slim box)
• Hand Sanitizer
• Over-The-Counter (OTC) pain and allergy medication

If you would like to complete your donation, please complete the form below. Please include the items you are interested in donating in the comments section. You will be contact by an administrator as soon as possible regarding your donation. If you have items to donate that do not fall into one of the categories above, please consider donating the items to one of our partners or another worthy organization.