HOSMP Spotlight – Snigdha Sama

“Our patients motivate me to face challenges in my own life.”

– Snigdha S.
Snigdha Sama
Snigdha Sama

My name is Snigdha and I am a Street Med student officer. One of my administrative positions is to assist with fundraising and donations, but besides that, I lead shifts throughout the month and go on follow-up shifts. 

My experience with Street Medicine taught me that the circumstances that result in housing insecurity can follow just one or two instances of bad fortune that can happen to any of us, and those with family who are not in a position to help are the most vulnerable.

In my future career in medicine and personal life, I hope to use my experiences to serve those facing housing insecurity in any way I can and put my experience understanding the challenges the community faces to good use. 

I am inspired by our patients, many of whom have confronted difficult and uncomfortable circumstances with grace and faith that motivates me to face challenges in my life head-on and work toward serving those facing housing insecurity in my future career and personal life.