HOSMP Spotlight – Nina Sharifi 

“Street Medicine has taught me that a patient’s health is multifactorial.”

Nina Sharifi
Nina Sharifi
– Nina Sharifi

I am Nina Sharifi, the Financial Assistant Program and Center for Independent Living Officer at Street Medicine.

My experience with Street Medicine has taught me that a patient’s health is multifactorial – economic, social, and environmental factors all shape someone’s access to healthcare. This has given me a greater understanding of how an individual’s experiences and socio-cultural background color their relationship with medicine. I hope to draw upon these lessons to help address and reduce barriers to care for my patients and those in need.

My goal for the future is to continue learning more about the resources and services offered for unhoused and underserved patient populations in Gainesville so I can continue to meet patients where they are at in life and to best serve my community for years to come.