HOSMP Spotlight – Joshua French

“Street Med has taught me that good medical care requires persistence and humility.”

– Joshua F.
Joshua French
Joshua French

My name is Josh French and, I am the EACN and WeCare Dental Officer.

My experience with Street Med has taught me that good medical care, especially for the vulnerable and unhoused patients that we see, requires persistence and humility. Many of our shifts are spent just trying to find our patients and help them navigate our complicated system. It is our role and privilege to provide care, including refilling medications, diagnosing a disease that may affect their life, or even just checking in with them and providing a listening ear.

I plan to use this experience to make me a better doctor, one who meets his patients where they are (literally and figuratively), and who provides thorough and patient-centered care even in the face of obstacles and difficulty.

I am looking forward to working with the Street Med team to continue providing compassionate care for our unhoused patients. Next year, my goal is to encourage first-year medical students to become involved in Street Medicine!