Meet Our Care Coordinators

Volunteer Care Coordinators are dedicated students from the University of Florida. These students are the few chosen through a rigorous application cycle and interview process ensuring that only those with the highest passion and dedication to patient care are accepted. Care Coordinators put our patients and their care above all else and are an integral part of our program.

Program Coordinator

Anushka byrell
Program Operations Coordinator
Clinical Service Representative

Advisory Board

Tamim Kawakibi s evelyn Amy Tran
Applications Chair
Fundraising Chair
Language Access Chair
Metrics Chair

Lead Care Coordinators

RakanAlshaibi JuanMartinArnoletti chanakya LYdia
Rakan Martin Chan Lydia
evelyn Gagan Midathala Amy Tran y
Evelyn Gagan Amy Yinlu

Care Coordinators

s KhairunAkther AdetolaAlonge Hebron
Nicolas Khairun Adetola Hebron
Kerven PrestonColdwell anissa Sireen
Kerven Preston Anissa Sireen
Evelyn Tamim Kawakibi JoshLua LeydaMarreroMorales
Evelyn Tamim Josh Leyda
Mario k Curtis Nina Sharifi
Mario Kevin Curtis Nina
Ulyana f Sebastian Riley
Ulyana Kristina Sebastian Riley