MOC Philosophy

The UF Mobile Outreach Clinic believes that an immersive transformative educational experience is paramount to addressing barriers to desired health outcomes. We collaborate with patients, students and community organizations to create long-term, cost effective, and sustainable solutions .

Education MOC provides educational experiences for students, residents and patients. We work to improve the health outcomes of those negatively impacted by adverse social determinants of health.

Innovation MOC creatively finds solutions to complex issues such as increase in patient compliance, providing care in a low resource environment and creating high functioning interprofessional teams.

Community MOC has an extensive community that includes collaboration with UF, UF Health, neighborhoods and social service organizations who desire to make the areas where we live, learn, work, and play great for all of us.

Weekly Schedules

MOC bus hours and locations vary from day to day. You can find our weekly schedule and monthly calendar below.



Enter an appointment request with the Mobile Outreach Clinic here. We try our best to accommodate your schedule.


Cierre de la Clínica

**ATENCIÓN** La Clínica Móvil de Alcance cerrará la oficina y cancelará la clínica el miércoles 30 de agosto debido al huracán Idalia. La…

Hurricane Idalia